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Hunting Licenses

Types of Hunting Licenses

Bird Licence

  • Applicable to both citizens and non- citizens.
  • It is categorized into two, those for citizens and residents with specified fees below
  • A fee charged to a Bird hunter is determined by the period over which he/she will hunting
  • A bird licence whether for a citizen or a non-citizen is area specific.
  • Each hunter is expected to abide to the bag limits and conditions specified therein.

Citizen hunters are entitled to twelve (12) months bird hunting whilst non-citizens are entitled to a week, one month or a year depending on their choice. The bird licence is not transferable and no one is entitled to hold more than one licence at a time.

Categories of Bird licence

Category Fee Validity of the licence
Citizens P 25.00 one year
Non-Citizens P 750.00 one year
Non-Citizens P 300.00 one month
Non-Citizens P 150.00 one week

  • A non-citizen is supposed to be accompanied by a Professional Hunter whenever on a hunting expedition.

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